aluminium bifold doors barnet

Aluminium Bifold Doors Barnet

Aluframes Direct manufacture and supply stunning aluminium bifold doors for trade in Barnet and the surrounding areas. You can add a brilliant design to your business from a responsive supplier with a streamlined trade supply system today! Contact our expert team to find out more.

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Aluminium Bifold Doors Barnet

With Aluframes, it’s easy to bring aluminium bifold doors to your business in Barnet. These designs are becoming one of the most popular products in the area, so getting quality designs could massively boost your range. These doors have a folding design that lets them disappear when open.

Panels of glass fold in on each other, and the door uses an in-line slider, meaning the whole design gives way to a wide-open entrance to another room or garden. However, when they’re closed, the doors aid in making a room more spacious and light.

Aluminium bifold doors are our flagship product for businesses in Barnet. Supplied by Exlabesa, these designs are a step up for homes across the area. You’ll be able to offer doors that open homes up to nature, are highly secure, and can perform for decades without regular maintenance.

And, with Aluframes, you can get more control in how you order and supply these stunning doors. We can react to shorter lead times than our competitors, and we make all our doors to order. And, with our range of customisable options, you can give your customers a new level of control too. That way, you can offer aluminium bifold doors with a difference throughout Barnet.

Professional Supply Service in Barnet

With Aluframes Direct, getting aluminium bifold doors for your Barnet business will never be a hassle. We know how important it is to make quick orders conveniently. That’s why you can order doors from us online, over the phone or by visiting our trade counter. Then, pick up is quick and straightforward from our headquarters.

We’ve made our trade supply process more simple and more streamlined to give you more control in how you order your doors in Barnet. With our range of ordering options, you’ll be able to make our services work for you. Not only that, but we cut all of your doors down to size before you pick them up, saving time during the installation.

Aluminium bifold door suppliers in Barnet

Bespoke Aluminium Bifold Doors Barnet

Ensure your customers get an updated home with our aluminium bifold doors. At Aluframes Direct, we can ensure that the doors meet to your precise specifications. Avoid having to worry about awkward fittings or disappointing a customer by using our site to get a bespoke door.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to designing aluminium bifold doors. You can place orders for custom RAL colours and authentic finishes with a powder coating to prevent them from fading over time. Not only that, but your customers can benefit from even more choices. We offer squared and curved sash options as well as several unique panel configurations!

Impressive Thermal Capabilities

With aluminium bifold doors, you can help your customers in Barnet save money in several areas. These doors have superb thermal efficiency, thanks to the multiple panels of double glazing in the design. Because of this, cold air is much less likely to pass through these doors, and the aluminium frame provides superb insulation too.

aluminium bifold doors manufactured for trade barnet

That way, these doors can help homeowners save money on their energy bills. Thanks to the designs we offer, you can invest in aluminium bifold doors for your business in Barnet that achieve u-values of as little as 1.5W/m2k. Additionally, they have slim sightlines, allowing for more natural light to enter homes and for better views of the outside world.

Unrivalled Security Standards

Feeling secure in your home is as important as feeling secure in your business. That’s why, at Aluframes, we offer aluminium bifold doors that prioritise both. With us, you’ll be able to supply highly secure designs to homeowners across Barnet. As a result, they’ll get doors that they can rely on to keep what matters most safe for decades to come.

Internal beading and multi-point locking give the doors superb strength and brilliant hardware. Not only that, but the aluminium frame is fully weatherproof and incredibly robust, meaning an intruder won’t be able to get through it to tamper with the hardware inside. The frame also protects the locks from rust and wear, ensuring your customers can get lasting peace of mind.

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