aluminium windows st albans

Aluminium Windows St Albans

We supply and manufacture premium grade aluminium windows for trade customers in St Albans. All our windows are made with quality, functionality and style in mind.

Sleek, Subtle Design for Unmatched Aesthetics

Easy to Install for Efficient Fitting Times

Thermally Retentive for Optimal Energy Efficiency

Aluminium Windows St Albans

We offer all St Albans based trade customers high quality Stayfix aluminium windows. Available in a number of styles and delivering unrivalled results, our products will instantly improve the performance of any project. Invest in excellence for your customers and clients.

A far more sustainable option than traditional uPVC, aluminium windows are both modern and environmentally friendly. The robust profiles are extremely weatherproof, preventing harmful water ingress or unpleasant draughts. Protect any property with our innovative products.

Supply your St Albans customers with beautiful aluminium windows at a competitive price. We pay extra attention to even the smallest details to ensure the products we supply continue to perform well for decades. Our aluminium windows boast unrivalled performance and aesthetics.

Offer your local customers made to measure aluminium windows in a number of styles. In addition, all our windows are fully customisable to suit the requirements of your client. Whatever the size or shape of their property, we can provide excellent, complementary windows that are simple to install.

Trade Supply

We aim to make our simple trade supply service as hassle-free as possible to ensure a smooth experience for you and your customers. With aluminium windows always in stock, we can provide your St Albans business with incredibly fast lead times. Choose us for outstanding results.

Because of our fast lead times, you could even offer your St Albans customers reduced completion estimates. Our products can either be ordered in person or over the phone to ensure there is always a method of ordering that suits you best. We guide you at every step of the process.

aluminium windows trade st albans

Thermally Efficient

Improve the thermal efficiency of your next St Albans project with our stunning aluminium windows. They boast incredibly low U-values, preventing the possibility for excessive heat loss to occur. As a result of our products, your customers will have to rely less on their central heating, potential saving them money on their energy bills in the long run. Your clients could save time and money with us.

Aluminium is an extremely lightweight yet durable material. The insulated profiles in our windows trap pockets of warm air, preventing any space from overheating or becoming too cold. Create the perfect, comfortable environment for your St Albans customers with our beautiful products that will enhance the thermal efficiency of any home. It’s never been easier to transform a space.

The thermally broken chambers within all our aluminium window profiles are what help to keep warm air within the frame. As a result, your customers will be able to heat their homes for less, even in the coldest months of the year. As well as providing excellent warmth in the winter, our aluminium windows allow for great levels of ventilation during hot spells too.


Highly Secure

To ensure the safety of your St Albans customers, we integrate secure multi-point locking systems within all our aluminium windows. Grant your clients complete peace of mind with our modern products that are built using premium grade materials and the latest technology. We deliver unrivalled home security standards that eliminate weak spots or points of leverage.

Our aluminium windows will never become stiff or get jammed due to the quality hinges and sliders we use inside each of our profiles. Prevent the possibility of break-in attempts in St Albans properties with our ultra-secure windows known for their durability and longevity. They will continue to perform well for decades whilst showing little signs of wear.

A bayonet style external bead is fitted within our aluminium windows to prevent any unwanted intruders from entering your customers homes. As well as being impact-proof, our windows are continually tested to ensure they exceed the current standard set by UK Building Regulations. We aim to deliver quality products to St Albans businesses at affordable prices.



Aluminium is an incredibly weatherproof material that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. The aluminium windows that we supply contain innovative filtering systems within their profiles to ensure excessive rainwater never becomes logged within the main frame. Consequently, this completely eliminates the possibility for mould or damp occurring in your customers homes.

The thick double glazing panels coupled with our robust panels creates the perfect combination in our aluminium windows. They act together to prevent unpleasant draughts, keeping St Albans homes warm and dry throughout the year. Create a temperature regulated, comfortable environment with our modern products that are simple to install and last for years.

As well as being completely weatherproof, our windows are also very soundproof. They minimise noise pollution in any property, creating a far more tranquil environment for your customers to relax in. If they live by a busy main road or in a noisy neighbourhood, our aluminium windows could be the perfect solution. Our beautiful windows offer excellent sound and weatherproofing.

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