Aluminium Double Glazing Enfield

Aluminium Double Glazing Enfield

Aluframes Direct manufacture and supply innovative aluminium double glazing products to installers across Enfield and the surrounding areas. Read more about our industry-leading products below or contact us for details of our trade supply services.

Sleek, Subtle Design for Modern Aesthetics

Easy to Install for Efficient Fitting Times

Thermally Retentive for Optimal Energy Efficiency

Aluminium Double Glazing for Trade in Enfield

Aluframes Direct is the ideal company for supply only aluminium double glazing in Enfield. With us, you can source leading designs with ease, for a specialist design that suits home improvement specialists. Our innovative designs are easy to install, and it’s clear to see why their performance is unmatched too.

At Aluframes Direct we supply an impressive range of aluminium windows and doors for all solutions. The benefit of choosing aluminium double glazing profiles is in the performance values. Your customers will enjoy better security, thermal efficiency and comfort with new aluminium double glazing products.

Double glazed aluminium windows and doors including aluminium sliding doors are a superb addition for any home in Enfield. At Aluframes, we supply you leading options including aluminium roof lanterns quickly and reliably, and you can order them in specific styles to suit any home. Homeowners in Enfield will benefit from our aluminium double glazing products for many years to come due to their inherent strength and durability.

With Aluframes Direct, you can bring a brilliant product to anybody in Enfield looking to enhance their living space. Work with Aluframes today to get aluminium double glazing products with leading components for your business.

Professional Trade Support

At Aluframes, we believe you should be able to bring aluminium double glazing products to your business with ease. Because of this, we’ve made our trade supply chain as straightforward as possible. With us, ordering aluminium windows and doors will be far less hassle, and you can choose from custom options without having to worry about a long wait.

We can operate to shorter lead times than many of our competitors so that you can get ahead of your orders. Also, you can either order in person or over the phone for a service that works for you.

You’ll be able to order in bespoke aluminium double glazing profiles, so you can provide a design that suits the needs of any customer. Then, getting it is as simple as visiting our trade counter and picking it up.

Aluminium Double Glazing for Trade Enfield

Unrivalled Thermal Efficiency

As a material boasting fantastic natural insulation, aluminium is perfect for modern double glazing products. Our aluminium windows and doors retain a superb amount of heat during winter, allowing your customers in Enfield to enjoy naturally warmer homes during the colder periods. At their best, our aluminium bifold, patio and front door profiles can achieve a U-value as low as 1.4W/m2K, whereas our windows can reach values as low as 1.3W/m2k.

Our high-quality aluminium windows come with advanced double glazing as standard. We fit .28mm glazing, but we can offer a toughened 32mm option for your customers too. That way, your customers can feel peace of mind that their windows are performing to the highest standard.

Aluframe’s aluminium doors achieve superb thermal performance thanks to the blend of modern double glazing and an innovative thermal break. The latter adds individual chambers to the framework, preventing the ingress of cold air and resisting heat flow. With this, a customer’s home will always remain at the optimal temperature.

Fully Customisable Aluminium Double Glazing

At Aluframes, we make sure to manufacture all of our aluminium double glazing to order for your business in Enfield. Because of this, you’ll get unique profiles every time, and be able to treat every one of your customers individually.

They’ll be able to choose from a range of bold RAL colours, timeless finishes or even dual colour options in gloss, matte and satin. Because of all this, you’ll provide a fully customisable service that others won’t be able to match.

Our aluminium double glazing windows are a naturally attractive option for homes in Enfield. The material is slimline, sleek, and shines in any lighting. The frame won’t fade under excess water or for decades either. As a result, all the aluminium windows you supply will lift the look of living spaces everywhere in Enfield. Offer your customers something different to the standard uPVC window, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits with each order.

By choosing Aluframes Direct as your designated trade supplier, you can offer your customers made to measure aluminium double glazing doors. By offering bespoke builds, you’ll appeal to more homeowners as they know they can design a door that suits their home perfectly. What’s more, you’ll never need to do any cutting on-site as the door will have been tailored to the customer’s home.

Our aluminium doors are also available with a range of customisation options. Homeowners can choose a different colour internally and externally, with hundreds of different bespoke RAL options. In addition to this, we offer a range of hardware and accessories, allowing your customers to create something entirely unique.

Impressive Security Standards

Our aluminium double glazing windows and doors are secure and durable. You’ll be able to offer your customers home improvement products that will give them complete peace of mind within their own home when you choose Aluframes Direct. They’ll never feel vulnerable or unsafe, wherever they live here in the Enfield area.

Modern, multipoint locking systems made from the finest materials are fitted to our double glazing windows and doors as standard, ensuring that there are as few weak spots as possible around the framework. These locks work in harmony with the naturally robust and weatherproof materials of the framework itself. Aluminium will perform in all elements and will do so for decades.

Our aluminium double glazing products are stringently tested to ensure the highest level of security will be achieved. The aluminium windows and doors that we manufacture will withstand all 21st-century burglary methods, keeping your Enfield customers safe at all times.

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