aluminium double glazing barnet

Aluminium Double Glazing Barnet

Aluframes supplies innovative aluminium double glazing to installers across Barnet and the surrounding areas. Explore our full range of products today, or get in touch with our team for details of our terrific trade supply services.

Sleek, Subtle Design for Modern Aesthetics

Easy to Install for Efficient Fitting Times

Thermally Retentive for Optimal Energy Efficiency

Aluminium Double Glazing for Trade in Barnet

If you want better aluminium double glazing for your business in Barnet, Aluframes is the ideal choice. We’ve been helping traders throughout the areas with our excellent aluminium and tailored service. We provide specialist designs that suit home improvement specialists, meaning you can offer a better, more responsive service to your customers.

With Aluframes, you’ll have a new partner that will help your business grow. We supply an impressive range of aluminium windows and aluminium residential doors in Barnet, and they are fully customisable too. Because of this, your business can react to custom orders, meaning you can offer a more personalised service in your business.

At Aluframes, we don’t cut corners with our designs. We make sure all of our aluminium double glazing is thermally efficient and highly secure for homes in Barnet. Because of this, you can offer quality products in your business. And, thanks to their strength, they’ll be able to last for years to come as well.

With us, you could choose aluminium windows, aluminium front doors, aluminium bifold doors or aluminium sliding doors, for example. Both of them use full panels of double glazing in their design. As a result, they can brighten up any space while maintaining its warmth, meaning your customers could save money on their energy bills with your products. That way, Aluframes could help your business take a step up.

Professional Trade Support

Today, it’s important for your business to move quickly. That’s why, with Aluframes, nothing will be slow. We’ve made our supply chain simple and streamlined. That means you can order the products you need quickly, and you’ll get a response that helps you react to any customer. We offer shorter lead times than our competitors for aluminium double glazing in Barnet.

Also, we know every business works differently – that’s why there are multiple ways to order aluminium windows and doors with us. You can order online or over the phone, and you can choose bespoke designs from our range. Because of this, we’ll be working for you, rather than the other way around.

aluminium double glazing for trade barnet

Unrivalled Thermal Efficiency

At Aluframes, we offer products that can modernise any home in Barnet. With us, you can offer your customers some of the best aluminium windows, doors and even roof lanterns available on the market today. For a start, all of our windows are fully weatherproof, with aluminium frames and toughened 28mm double glazing. We offer a 32mm variant as well, for added strength and insulation.

Not only that, but our aluminium doors are just as efficient. With our aluminium bifold, patio and front door profiles, homes can achieve u-values of 1.4W/m2k. Our windows can hit 1.3W.m2k as well, meaning they’ll both help your customers to cut the cost of their energy bills.

Our aluminium frames have clever features that help keep homes warm. For a start, all of our frames have an innovative thermal break and modern double glazing, creating a thermal barrier. And, with individual chambers inside the frame, they can resist draughts and water ingress. That means the windows won’t lose their shape and strength for decades.


aluminium bifold doors manufactured for trade barnet

Fully Customisable Aluminium Double Glazing

At Aluframes, we create all of our aluminium double glazing to be bespoke to your business in Barnet. We know no two traders, or customers, ever have the same needs, so we wait for you to come to us before we supply to you. With us, you can create bespoke orders and benefit from responsive lead times, helping your business react to anything.

Our range of customisable options for our windows and doors is almost endless. For a start, our aluminium frames can come in a range of bold RAL colours or authentic woodgrain finishes. We even offer dual colour options in gloss, matte and satin for another touch of personality.

Not only that, but we can cut our windows and doors into any size. As a result, you’ll be able to meet the needs of any customer with Aluframes. You won’t have to do any cutting on-site either. Our team will take care of it for you, reducing the time you take to prepare products and the time your customers wait for them.

Impressive Security Standards

Feeling secure in your business and your home can be both as valuable as each other. That’s why, when you work with Aluframes, you get a business partner that values both. Our aluminium double glazing is highly secure for homes in Barnet, helping you offer peace of mind to your customers. Our robust aluminium frames have the strength homeowners need.

Our aluminium windows, for example, will use a durable aluminium frame, tough double glazing up to 32mm thick, and modern multi-point locking mechanisms in every corner of the design. Because of this, if an intruder tries to target them, they’ll find that there isn’t a way through.

Our aluminium is impact-resistant, and it can deal with even the most modern break-in attempts. Also, it’s fully weatherproof, meaning it’ll protect the hardware inside from rust and wear. As a result, you can offer aluminium double glazing to homeowners in Barnet that keeps them safe and keeps them as loyal customers in the long run.

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