aluminium roof lanterns for trade enfield

Aluminium Lantern Roofs Enfield

Aluframes Direct manufacture and supply superb aluminium roof lanterns for businesses in Enfield. Supplied by Liniar, these designs are a brilliant option for any company in Enfield, Greater London and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today for more information!

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Aluminium Roof Lanterns for Trade

Aluminium roof lanterns are a brilliant option for any home improvement business in Enfield. By offering a roof design like this, you can give your customers the chance to give their home a new focal point. Our roof lanterns, supplied by Liniar, use a vaulted section of double glazing with aluminium frames in the centre of a solid roof.

Because of this, homeowners can get stunning views of the sky above, without losing any heat. The glass inside the lantern offers superb insulation, as do the aluminium frames. As a result, you could offer a roof that provides an ideal balance of light and warmth for homes throughout Enfield.

If you run a business, then, aluminium roof lanterns are a superb product for your company in Enfield. And, with Aluframes Direct, you can bring them to your business with ease. We have a simple and responsive trade supply system, and we have multiple ordering methods, meaning you can work with us in a way that works for your business.

Also, if you’re a homeowner, you can also benefit from us. That’s because we’re happy to complete some fittings ourselves of our excellent aluminium roof lanterns in Enfield. Get in touch with us today to find out how Aluframes Direct can help you!

Seamless Trade Supply

When you run a business, complications are the last thing you need – especially when ordering your products. That’s why, when you choose Aluframes Direct, you’ll get a company that works hard to make ordering easy. We’ve streamlined and simplified our trade supply system so that we can react to even the most tricky orders quickly and responsively.

Not only that, but there are loads of ways to order with Aluframes Direct. You can choose to place an order for our aluminium roof lanterns over the phone, or by visiting our trade counter at our base in Enfield. That way, you can bring Liniar’s aluminium roof lanterns to your business with ease.

aluminium roof lanterns for trade enfield

Replacement Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Aluminium roof lanterns can enhance any home in Enfield. That’s because roof lanterns can provide more light while also offering excellent heat retention. Roof lanterns come in a solid roof design, meaning it blends in naturally with homes and offers the same level of performance. Because of this, your customers can stay comfortable, even in the winter months.

That means you could offer energy savings to people throughout Enfield, and that includes those who already have a conservatory or an extension. You can retrofit Liniar’s roofs to existing spaces. As a result, you can offer them to more customers for less cost, bringing value to them and your business.


Easy to Install Products

You might think that aluminium roof lanterns are complex designs. However, while they’re sophisticated, that doesn’t mean they’re difficult to install. With Liniar’s designs, your business can install these roof options without a hitch. Thanks to Aluframes, you won’t have to do any cutting on-site, and the roofs come with easy-to-use click fit frames too.

Because of this, an installation that could take ages now only takes a day or two to complete. Additionally, we bring aluminium roof lanterns to businesses in Enfield that are bespoke to your order. Because of this, you’ll be able to offer fully customisable roof lanterns to your customers!


Weatherproof & Secure

Aluminium roof lanterns bring plenty of benefits to homes and businesses alike. When you install one, for example, you can give your customers peace of mind. That’s because, with aluminium frames, these roof lanterns are highly secure. The glass will come with multi-point locking systems, while the solid roof offers superb sound insulation for added privacy.

Not only that, but our aluminium roof lanterns work brilliantly as a shelter. The design is fully weatherproof, with durable weatherseals protecting against damp, rotting and leaking. As a result, the roof will maintain its strength, shape and appearance, including customisable colours and finishes.

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