How Much Are Bifold Doors?


When looking to improve and invest in your home, asking yourself essential questions like how much are bifold doors versus sliding doors and French doors can play an integral role in your budgeting decisions. At Aluframes Direct, we’re here to help you find out how expensive bifold doors really are, what goes into how much they cost, and what the unique benefits are of choosing bifold doors over other door systems. 

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What Changes The Cost of Bifold Doors?

There are many key aspects to the final price of bifold doors. The actual bifold doors themselves aren’t the only thing to consider. The weight of the bifold doors can change based on the size and number of panes, which can make them more challenging to move, transport, and install. 

The size itself and pane number, of course, play a significant role in costs, as the larger the installation, the more materials that are needed. 

A few other things, such as customisation options and additional features, can also change the price. Some colours and hardware require more bespoke work to be done, which leads to a higher labour and manufacturing cost.

Benefits of Bifold Doors

Expand Your Home

Bifold doors can expand your home in ways that other door systems can’t. With a large enough set of bifold doors, you can open up an entire wall within a room, letting in the sunshine and cool breezes in summer while remaining warm and cosy in the winter when they’re shut.

Modern bifold doors, like those made from aluminium, can offer slim sightlines that reduce the amount that views are obstructed without having an impact on structural integrity. 

Additionally, unlike French doors, bifold doors don’t have a swing arc and instead function via a concertina principle. This style of opening and closing has the panes fold in on each other, allowing a whole wall to be almost removed at will. By installing bifold doors, you can enjoy the illusion of increased space and direct access to a deck, patio, garden, or additional room within your home.  

Energy Efficient

The frames and profiles that are placed throughout aluminium or uPVC bifold doors typically contain thermal breaks and insulation. Our aluminium bifold doors, for example, have polyamide thermal breaks, which combine with our bespoke double glazing for incredible energy efficiency.

When asking, “how much are bifold doors?”, it’s also important to remember that over time, highly efficient bifold doors could end up paying for themselves. If your home has old and outdated doors and windows with only singular glazing, then upgrading to modern double glazed bifold doors could help reduce your energy bills by letting you conserve more heat.

Reduced Threshold

At Aluframes Direct, one of the added features we can provide for your bifold doors is a reduced threshold. A lower threshold can reduce the risk of tripping while also making the bifold door entrance more accessible for those in a wheelchair or pushchair.

This feature makes bifold doors a safe and inclusive choice for people with disabilities or those planning to have a lot of foot traffic in and out of their homes, conservatories, or orangery.

Aluminium Bifold Doors

If you’re looking for bifold doors that will be a long lasting investment for your home, then aluminium bifold doors could be the perfect choice for you. Unlike older bifold doors made from timber or uPVC, aluminium bifold doors are capable of withstanding much more exposure to harsh weather conditions or heavy blows. 

But how much are bifold doors made from aluminium? Well, with modern technology making it easier to recycle and manufacture with metals like aluminium, our aluminium bifold door princes don’t differ all that much compared to other systems.

Choose Aluframes Direct for Bifold Doors

At Aluframes Direct, we only install the highest quality bifold doors that are designed to provide excellent energy efficiency, security, and style.

Bifold Door Prices

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