How To Install Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are an excellent way to reduce the wasted space within your home. Unlike many other types of doors, bifold doors don’t have a swing arc and instead function via a concertina principle. This lack of a swing arc allows for more interior decorating space, which makes our bifold doors a popular choice for all sorts of modern properties. Additionally, they can help to open up a room, providing the illusion of increased space while flooding the home with natural light.

Below, we’ve listed a few tips and tricks for how to install bifold doors. For more help with your bifold door installation, we recommend working with a professional team of fitters and installers. At Aluframes Direct, we’ve been bifold door installation experts for years and can get your bifold doors fitted to suit your needs. Start a quote today on our website, or read our guide below to learn more about installing bifold doors and the benefits they can grant your home.

Installing Bifold Doors

Before getting started with installing your bifold doors, the frame must be fitted correctly. Doing so typically requires a series of wedges, rubber mallets, and spirit measures. Wedges can be used to help ensure that the frame remains upright and at the correct angle, while a rubber mallet can be used for a snug fit while not damaging the frame. Spirit measures are an excellent way to ensure that the fit remains level throughout the entirety of the bifold door frame. Once everything is level and fitted snugly, the frame can be screwed into place.

When putting the sashes into the frame, be sure to take care to fit each hinge properly, as this can affect the smoothness of the concertina action. Use an alan key to make adjustments to the doors so that they open and close without catching or scraping. The final step is to add the glass. At Aluframes Direct, we install bespoke double glazing for all of our aluminium bifold doors.

For further help or information on how to install bifold doors, work with Aluframes Direct to get a stress-free installation completed by experts.

Benefits of Bifold Doors

Bifold doors offer a wide range of valuable benefits that other doors just can’t match. From high thermal performance to increased living space, the bifold doors we install professionally can enhance any home.

Energy Efficient

The aluminium bifold doors we use come with excellent energy efficiency thanks to the double glazing that comes as standard. The polyamide thermal breaks are hidden within the robust yet slimline aluminium framework in tandem with the glazing to provide optimal heat retention. A more energy efficient set of doors means that your home can make better use of its energy consumption, letting you remain warm and comfortable without turning up that thermostat.

As an added benefit, a reduced reliance on gas and electricity, thanks to more efficient doors, can end up paying for itself with reduced monthly heating costs. This makes our aluminium bifold doors a potentially wise long-term investment for older homes looking to make the jump to modern performance.

Low Maintenance

Another great advantage of our aluminium bifold doors is that they can continue to look and perform at their best without the need for any high maintenance chores. Aluminium is a tough material that is capable of maintaining its shape without warping or bending. Unlike wood or other door materials like composites or uPVC, aluminium is a metal that is incredibly lightweight, durable, and fade resistant. You won’t have to worry about any yellowing, colour fading, or hefty repair jobs. All you need to do to keep these bifold doors clean and operating smoothly is the occasional Alan key adjustment or wipedown with spray and a cloth.


Their low maintenance requirements also have the added benefit of increasing their sustainability. Aluminium bifold doors can last for decades without replacement parts. Coupled with their incredible energy efficiency and easily recyclable materials, you’ve got a product that you know won’t harm the environment.

Not only can higher efficiency improve your home’s heating and cooling, but it can also help to lower your property’s carbon footprint.


The aluminium bifold doors we install all come with multi-point locking mechanisms and internal beading. These security features can help ward off unwanted intruders, and the sturdy aluminium frames can provide excellent resistance against sudden hard blows or attempts at bending with tools.

You can have peace of mind when you choose aluminium bifold doors from Aluframes Direct.

Aluminium Bifold Door Prices

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