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Aluminium Front Doors Loughton

When it comes to choosing the perfect front door for a home in St Albans, our aluminium front doors are an excellent option. Aluminium doors have gained popularity among homeowners due to their numerous benefits and versatility in design. Combine incredible efficiency with powerful security and get a free quote for our front doors now, or discover more of their benefits and features below.

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Aluminium Front Doors Loughton

Aluframes Direct are one of Loughton’s leading manufacturers, suppliers, and installers of aluminium doors. All of our aluminium front doors are highly customisable and are designed to be a long-lasting addition to any property. With double glazing as standard and multi-point locking mechanisms, our doors can do more than just look the part.

We believe our reputation speaks for itself. Our glowing reviews from previous happy customers can help provide peace of mind that we do our best to provide prompt, professional service, whether it be trade supply only or installation.

When you choose Aluframes, you’ll be able to receive a reliable supply of all sorts of aluminium double glazed products all under one roof. You won’t have to worry about going anywhere else to create a totally seamless aesthetic for a Loughton property. Our aluminium front doors can blend in beautifully with any type of modern home thanks to our extensive size and hardware options.

To find prices for our front doors, use our digital quoting engine on our website, speak to a member of staff on WhatsApp or call us directly at 0800 689 1289.

Why Choose Aluminium Front Doors?

Aluminium has a vast range of benefits when compared to other window and door materials, which makes it an ideal choice for home or commercial front doors. First off, it is highly rust resistant, making it capable of withstanding exposure to wet Loughton weather conditions for years without tarnishing. 

To learn more about our aluminium front doors and other aluminium double glazed home improvements, check out our FAQ page or speak to a member of our staff at 0800 689 1289. Our areas we cover page can also help you see where we can supply and install our aluminium front doors beyond Loughton.

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Customisable Designs

Each of our aluminium doors can be customised and tailored to each specific job. Every property is different and, therefore, has unique requirements, and with Aluframes Direct, you can receive bespoke doors made to order. We have a vast range of sizes, glazing types, long-lasting colours, and more available to help bring your next installation to life.

Aluminium front doors have the added benefit of lasting for years without the need for excessive maintenance. This means that the homeowner can enjoy their unique look for potentially decades without any loss in performance. Our doors can be a worthwhile investment within a property that can truly stand out from the rest.

Energy Efficient Front Doors

Aluminium front doors have come a long way since their initial inception in the UK. Many consider aluminium to be a much less efficient material when compared to composites or uPVC doors. However, they would be mistaken as our aluminium front doors have hidden thermal breaks that can help the doors maintain great levels of heat retention.

By increasing the energy efficiency of the home, Loughton residents can see reduced energy bills, a lower carbon footprint, and a more comfortable home all year round. If you’re a homeowner who has older double glazing or even single glazed windows and doors, consider upgrading to our aluminium double glazed products today.

Weather Resistant Materials

A home’s front door has to withstand all sorts of weather conditions for many years, as well as any potential unwanted intruders. Aluminium is one of the most durable door materials on the market due to its natural rust resistance and robust metal construction. When combined with tight weather seals, high quality double glazing, and polyamide thermal breaks, our front doors can take anything you throw at them while continuing to look great.

Cold draughts, wet leaks, and creaky hinges can be a thing of the past. Metal doors won’t warp or swell as timber can in the heat or wet while continuing to provide better defence than uPVC.

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