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Aluminium Residential Doors Borehamwood

Let your Borehamwood customers know that their homes will be more secure when you have installed our aluminium residential doors, thanks to their cutting-edge security systems. They are also made from top-quality materials but don’t confuse their cutting-edge design with them being difficult to install. Our aluminium residential doors can also be customised to suit your customers’ personal tastes.

The Choice of Single & Double Door Configuration Options

Sleek, Contemporary Design & Quality Assured

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Aluminium Residential Doors Borehamwood

Our aluminium residential doors are instantly recognisable from the sleek and sophisticated design, which makes them a perfect choice for all of your customers, as they will blend seamlessly with any style of home. They are the ideal door for any of your customers who are looking to increase the performance levels of their Borehamwood home.

These doors come with amazing security features, which will give your clients peace of mind that their home will be given an extra layer of security. These aluminium residential doors don’t just perform brilliantly they also look amazing as well; they are the ideal combination of form and function.

We understand that it is important that your suppliers keep to their promised delivery dates. The good news is that when you choose to come to AluFrames for your aluminium residential doors, they could often be delivered ahead of the time you expected. You can rely on us to provide you with your products when and where you need them.

Our experience in the home improvement industry has given us the expertise to provide you with the best quality aluminium residential doors on the market today. Our aluminium residential doors are surprisingly affordable, especially when you consider how well they perform and have been made.

Experience & Service

Our experience in the home improvement industry has taught us what is important to our clients and their customers. This means that when you come to us for your aluminium residential doors you can be guaranteed that we will deliver where and when you need them. You can let your Borehamwood customers know that you will be able to offer them a speedy and efficient service when you are fitting their aluminium residential doors. We promise that we will never let you down, we know how important it is to offer reliable service.

We are completely flexible when it comes to where we deliver your aluminium residential doors, we can deliver them directly to the project’s address or if it is easier for you, they can be picked up from our warehouse. We pride ourselves on our customer service and always try to fit in with your wants and needs.

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We have built up a reputation for giving you and your customers exactly what you both need and want. One of the ways that we do this is by giving your customers the chance to customise our aluminium residential doors, as this ensures that they will always be the perfect fit for their homes as well as being a reflection of their own personal taste. The good news is that just because we take the time to customise our aluminium residential doors, it doesn’t mean that the completion times are extended or that the quality is reduced.

The colour of our aluminium residential doors is one of the ways your Borehamwood customers could make these doors their own. Our wide pallet of colours includes traditional neutral shades as well as more contemporary bolder tones. Our customisation programme also ensures that our aluminium residential doors will always appear as a seamless addition to the homes they are installed in.

Thermally Efficient

Our aluminium residential doors are a great way of making homes water for longer without having to turn up the heating. This is down to the fact that our aluminium residential doors insulate your home, ensuring that no matter what the weather is like outside in Borehamwood, your customers’ homes will be kept cosy in winter and cool in summer. The knock-on effect of this increase in insulation is that energy bills will reduce in size, so our aluminium residential doors can actually help your customers save you money. It is not just bills that our aluminium residential doors can reduce it is also your clients’ carbon footprint, thanks to the reduced amount of energy they are using.
Our aluminium residential doors are made from top-quality materials which also ensures that they will continue to perform brilliantly for many years to come.


You can ensure your Borehamwood customers that our aluminium residential doors will help keep their homes free of draughts and water ingress. This is due to the fact that they are completely weatherproof as they are fitted with top-quality weatherseals. These doors will also ensure that homes will be free of mould and damp, keeping the properties where they are installed healthier places to live in.

When our aluminium residential doors are fitted, they also help keep out unwanted visitors as they are fitted with cutting-edge security systems. Our aluminium residential doors come with the latest multi-point locking mechanisms to ensure there are no weak spots or points of leverage. You can guarantee your customers that these doors will give their homes an extra layer of security.

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