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Aluminium Residential Doors Loughton

If your customers are asking you for ways that they can make their homes more secure, then you might want to recommend our aluminium residential doors. They are of an outstanding quality and really easy to install. You can also let your clients know that they can customise these doors.

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Aluminium Residential Doors Loughton

If you have customers in Loughton who are looking to give their homes a more contemporary aesthetic, then our aluminium residential doors could be just the answer. They offer homeowners a range of practical benefits that will improve their home’s enhanced performance levels.

These aluminium residential doors give homes improved security levels, thanks to the way they are manufactured and designed. These home improvement products are the perfect combination of form and function and your customers will thank you for recommending them.

We understand the importance of providing our trade customers with an efficient way of working, thanks to our streamlined approach we often deliver our aluminium residential doors ahead of the deadline date. This will allow you to start your job ahead of time and keep your customers happy.

Aluframes has been in this industry for many years and over this period of time, we have built up a good idea of what tradespeople want and need. This translates into offering high levels of service, good prices and excellent quality products.

Professional Approach

We have built up an enviable reputation for supplying aluminium residential doors to our Loughton customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner. So when you come to us for your doors, you can be confident that your experience with us will be stress-free and efficient, all we ask is for you to provide us with the exact specifications and we will deliver your aluminium residential door exactly when you need it.

Our delivery service is also highly regarded and we deliver them directly to your business or if you’d prefer it you can pick up your doors from our address. We understand that you need a flexible service and one that responds quickly to your needs and at Aluframes, this is what we offer.

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Here at Aluframes, we understand the need for you to be able to offer your customers home improvement products that they can customise. This is the case with our aluminium residential doors, you can assure your clients that just because we are creating the door, especially for them, the turn around time will not be extended, thanks to the way we manufacture our aluminium residential doors. You can also be confident that just because the lead time is short, the high quality of our doors is not compromised.

Our customisation process means that your customers will be able to choose the colour of their aluminium residential door. We offer a wide range of colours, ranging from traditional neutral tones to bolder contemporary tones. Your customers will be in control over how their door will look, so complements their Loughton home perfectly.

Thermal Efficiency

One of the major plus points that comes with our residential aluminium doors is their thermal efficiency. They are built using cutting-edge technology, they can keep your customers’ homes warmer for longer, without having to turn up the thermometer. They actively keep the heat inside homes and keep the cold air outside, with these aluminium residential doors, you can wave goodbye to drafts and cold spots.

For customers who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint, our aluminium residential doors are a great way of helping them achieve this. This is down to the fact that they are highly energy efficient, so homes will be well insulated and kept at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, whatever the weather is like outside.


No matter how bad the weather is outside in Loughton, it will leave no mark on our aluminium residential doors. They are tightly sealed, meaning that there will be no water ingress or draughts, you can let your customers know that due to these properties, their homes will never suffer from mould or dampness. The profiles on our doors contain modern filtering systems.

Just as our doors repel bad weather, they will also repel unwanted visitors. Our aluminium residential doors come with modern security features such as multi-point locking mechanisms to ensure there are no weak spots or points of leverage. This means that your Loughton customers can feel safer in their homes, thanks to our aluminium residential doors.


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