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Aluminium Sliding Doors Barnet

At Aluframes Direct, we manufacture and supply quality aluminium sliding doors for trade customers in Barnet. Give your customer the best with our high-quality aluminium products. Contact us today to discuss our manufacturing and supply services. We’d love to talk to you about our aluminium profiles’ benefits and how you can impress your customers.

Modern' Lift and Slide' Operation 

Aluminium Profile With High-Performance Double Glazing 

Easy to install and fast turnaround on products.

Aluminium Sliding Doors For Trade In Barnet

Our systems offer fantastic thermal performance along with high-security features- these profiles last significantly longer than their uPVC counterparts. Our aluminium sliding doors are the perfect option for your home improvements project.

Ideal for the transition into a conservatory, or for replacing a back door – our aluminium sliding doors offer style as well as functionality without compromise. They are the perfect solution for connecting a home to a garden for your customer. They could also be used as an internal glazed screen.

Our high-quality aluminium patio doors boast an incredible ‘lift and slid’ operating system. Each pane can be made wider than other materials, measuring up to 3300mm while maintaining the customer’s ease of operation.

At Aluframes, we are the ideal trade supplier for aluminium sliding doors. Our products are available with a fast turnaround thanks to our market-leading supply chains. You can expect the best quality when shopping with us. Impress your customers today! Use our contact form to find out more about what we have available, or you can use our online quote checker for instant pricing on our aluminium patio doors.

Seamless Supplying Service

It’s not just about our amazing products, at Aluframes, we believe in offering the best service to our trade customers. We provide a personal service to all installers who chose to work with us and purchase our aluminium sliding doors. Our service is free, simple and friendly. You will never be left waiting around for your next project. You can order from us in person, over the phone or on our website. Lead times are always swift, and you can expect consistent communication from us at all stages of your order. Get in touch today to discover aluminium sliding patio doors from a friendly, experienced company.

Aluminium Sliding Doors Near Me Barnet

Bespoke Aluminium Sliding Doors

When choosing our aluminium sliding doors, you will be able to have complete control over the profiles. We can offer many customisation options making us a great choice for homeowners. You can offer excellent products by deciding to work with us at Aluframes.
We boast over 200 RAL finishes for our aluminium patio doors. You can tell your customers about our great selection, and be confident knowing that they are long-lasting and durable. When exposed to the elements, there will be no effect on the colouring, with no need to have fresh coats reapplied! Your customers will also be able to decide whether their aluminium sliding doors will have anywhere between 2 – 5 panes – giving them a truly bespoke experience.

Thermally Efficient Aluminium Sliding Doors

Our aluminium sliding doors offer high-quality thermal performance for homes in Barnet.- an important factor for our eco and budget-conscious homeowners. By choosing our products, you will be supporting a more environmentally home improvements product, and your customer will have peace of mind knowing this. These patio doors will keep the heat in when needed and keep the home at an optimum temperature throughout the year.

Your customers can also expect a decrease in their heating bills due to the design of the aluminium sliding doors and how they can hold in heat. Your customers will love to know about the many benefits of our aluminium sliding doors. Get in touch to find out more about the wide range of aluminium products we have to offer you.

A Safe and Secure Home

Home security is optimised with our aluminium sliding doors and will give your customers peace of mind when starting their home improvement project. Reassure your Barnet customers that giving their home a modern update will keep them as safe as ever.

Let your customers know all about the contemporary multipoint locking mechanics that will eliminate weak spots and unwanted visitors. You can get a free online quote for our products today at the touch of a button. Or, if you would prefer, you can speak to one of our professional customer care team about the products that are right for you.

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Our professional team here at Aluframes Direct would be more than happy to help with your aluminium sliding doors enquiry. Use our contact form to get in touch with our team; we look forward to hearing from you.