aluminium windows borehamwood

Aluminium Windows Borehamwood

We can supply beautiful aluminium windows to your business in Borehamwood. Our windows are customisable to suit the requirements of your customers.

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Aluminium Windows for Trade

Offer your Borehamwood customers our stunning aluminium windows for a competitive price. We use premium-grade materials in all our products to ensure the highest quality and performance. Place your trust in us to deliver market-leading windows.

Our aluminium is supplied by Stayfix, a reputable manufacturer who produces some of the finest aluminium available. We pay attention to every element of our windows to ensure your customers receive products that are guaranteed to look great for decades.

We are well-recognized for providing different types of astonishing doors and windows.

As well as looking elegant, our aluminium windows are also extremely thermally efficient. The super-insulated profiles work to retain pockets of warm air, heating any Borehamwood property more efficiently. Save your customers time and money with our solutions.

The aluminium windows we supply are extremely simple to install, making the whole process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. Our windows are compatible with almost any property type, meaning everyone can benefit from our efficient products.


Trusted Trade Supplier

As a trusted trade supplier in Borehamwood, we can provide your local business with high performing, ultra-secure aluminium windows for an affordable price. Our friendly team of experts are always on hand to guide you through the ordering process. This can be done in person or over the phone.

Our fast lead times mean you can offer your customers reduced completion estimates. We never hold up any part of the process, ensuring our aluminium windows are in stock at all times. This allows you to operate your business more effectively, providing your customers with a reliable service.

aluminium windows trade borehamwood

Highly Secure

The aluminium windows we supply are made to measure to ensure they are the perfect fit for your Borehamwood customers. Our bespoke windows are beautifully designed, paying attention to even the finest details. A combination of our brilliant manufacturing techniques and use of premium grade materials means our windows are one of a kind.

We install highly secure multi-point locking systems within all our aluminium window frames. Make your Borehamwood customers feel safe with our ultra-secure window frames that eliminate points of leverage and weak spots. They are completely impact-proof and resistant to strong force, making them the perfect solution for combating unwanted break-in attempts.

Within all our aluminium windows, we fit a bayonet style external bead that is made to withstand forced entry. We put all the appropriate measures in place to ensure your Borehamwood customers feel protected all year round. Our robust hinges and durable double glazing panels create the perfect barrier for any property. Invest in our innovative products today.



Give your Borehamwood customers the creative freedom to design their own aluminium windows. We have a vast array of coloured finishes available, all of which are supplied by RAL. They are market leaders in colour coatings and pigments, producing some of the highest quality finishes available. We guarantee these colours will not fade or bleach in direct sunlight.

As well as the customisable coatings, your customers can also choose the configuration of their new aluminium windows. They can be fitted from the top or from the side, allowing them to be opened in a number of different ways. Create a sleek look with our stunning windows that benefit from extremely slim sightlines and beautiful aesthetics.

In addition, we have a huge number of hardware accessories available. Not only does our hardware look sleek, but it is also highly secure to keep your customers protected. These elements, coupled with our aluminium profiles, look great even years after they have first been installed. All our home improvement products are built with quality and functionality in mind.



We understand the unpredictable nature of the British weather; that’s why we endeavour to make our aluminium windows as weatherproof as possible. All our insulated profiles prevent the possibility of water ingress and unpleasant draughts, keeping the homes of your customers warm and dry even in the coldest months of the year.

We integrate innovative weather gaskets within our aluminium window frames to prevent condensation build-up from appearing on our windows. These gaskets prevent excessive rainwater sitting within the frame, instead filtering it away to eliminate mould or damp. We use modern technology within all our products to make sure they last as long as possible.

The durable double glazing within our aluminium windows can even soften the noise of loud rainfall too. As well as being incredibly weatherproof, our products are soundproof. If your customer lives by a busy main road, our products are the perfect way to reduce the noise of oncoming traffic. Create a tranquil environment in any property.

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We supply high quality aluminium windows to Borehamwood businesses. To start your quote, fill out our simple, online quoting engine to receive a bespoke price.

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