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Aluminium Windows Hatfield

Offer your Hatfield customers our beautiful, made to measure aluminium windows. We work with trade businesses across Hatfield to provide them with market-leading products.

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Weatherproof And Thermally Efficient Windows

Aluminium Windows Hatfield

Our premium quality aluminium windows are available to all trade businesses in Hatfield. Supplied by Stayfix, our simple to install aluminium is guaranteed to last for decades whilst showing very little signs of wear. It’s never been simpler to enhance the performance of a space.

If you are looking to make more sustainable choices in your Hatfield business, choose our environmentally friendly aluminium windows. Not only are they made of recyclable materials, but they also prevent excessive heat loss from occurring in any property.

Our aluminium windows are completely customisable to suit the requirements of your customer. We ensure all our products are made bespoke, guaranteeing the most accurate fit for your next project. Whatever the property style you are working on, we can offer stunning solutions.

To ensure the safety of Hatfield residents, we design our aluminium windows to be as secure as possible. We put all the appropriate measures in place to give your customers complete peace of mind. Our windows are built using the latest technology and techniques.

Reliable Trade Supply

We pride ourselves on excellent customer satisfaction, providing Hatfield businesses with a straightforward, reliable service. Place your trust in us to deliver market-leading aluminium windows for an affordable price. Our aluminium windows can be ordered over the phone or in person.

Offer your customers beautiful products that are simple to install. As a result of our efficient service, you will even be able to provide your customers with reduced completion estimates. At every stage of the process, one of our professional team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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Weatherproof your next project with our trusted aluminium windows that are completely weatherproof. The profiles within our windows contain innovative filtering systems that prevent excess rainwater from sitting within the main frame. This eliminates the possibility for mould and damp, keeping your customers homes protected all year round.

The clever weather gaskets within our aluminium profiles also prevent the possibility for unpleasant draughts, retaining warm air to heat any home more efficiently. Because we use modern materials and the latest technology in our products, they will very rarely need replacing or repairing, continuing to look good for decades. Transform any space with our windows.

As well as being weatherproof, our aluminium windows are extremely soundproof. If your Hatfield customer lives by a busy main road, our products are ideal for reducing noise pollution. As a result, this creates a far more tranquil environment, perfect for relaxing in. Our extremely insulated profiles and double glazing panels work together to block out loud noise.



Made of lightweight yet durable aluminium, our windows are completely customisable to suit the requirements of your customers. They can choose from our extensive range of coloured finishes, all of which are supplied by market leaders RAL. As experts in coloured coatings, they produce beautiful pigments that will not fade or bleach in direct sunlight.

Aluminium is a far more sustainable option than traditional uPVC. Made from mostly recyclable elements, our windows last for decades whilst showing very little signs of wear. Available in gloss, matte or satin finishes, we have so many options available to your customers. We guarantee there will be something they love. Explore our customisable parts today.

The aluminium windows we supply are also available in a number of configurations to suit the Hatfield property you are working on. We understand every home is unique; that’s why we provide your business with a vast array of window configurations. They can be hung from the top or from the side, allowing them to be opened in several ways.


Highly Secure

To guarantee the safety of Hatfield homeowners, we install sophisticated multi-point locking systems within all our aluminium window profiles. These innovative locks completely eliminate the possibility for weak spots or points of leverage in any property. Keep your customers safe with our products that prevent the possibility of break-in attempts.

Our windows are impact-proof to keep your customers protected. We continually test all our products to ensure they perform well and exceed the current standard set by UK Building Regulations. As a result, we are able to offer local businesses some of the best home improvement solutions available currently on the market.

The combination of double glazing and durable hinges means our windows can withstand high levels of pressure. Meanwhile, the bayonet style external beads with our profiles can also withstand strong force with ease. We never miss the small details within our products to ensure every element performs to the highest standards. Invest in quality with Aluframes.

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Now is the time to offer your Hatfield customers our stunning aluminium windows. To start this process, fill out our online quoting engine to receive a bespoke price.

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