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We have built up an enviable reputation for supplying excellent aluminium windows to tradespeople and businesses in Loughton. We are proud to be able to offer short lead times, flexibility and of course brilliant levels of service.

Contemporary, sleek designs for a truly beautiful aesthetic.

Hassle-free installation, flexible approach

Highly thermally efficient, translating into lower energy bills

Aluminium Windows for Trade in Loughton

Aluminium windows are a very popular home improvement product, so we would recommend that you have a good range in your collection. Homeowners like them as they know that once installed their home will become more energy efficient thanks to the ability of aluminium windows to insulate their properties. When you come to us for your aluminium windows, you can order the Stayfix collection. When you come to Alumframes you are rewarded with shorter lead times, bespoke products and impressive service levels.

Aluminium is a brilliant choice for window frames because, for such a lightweight material, it is incredibly strong. Aluminium is also a great insulator, which means that when your clients install these windows in their homes, they will become more efficient regarding their energy use. Businesses like aluminium windows as they know that they last for a lifetime.

Businesses and traders in Loughton know that when they come to us for their aluminium windows they will be getting one of the best ranges available. Whatever your clients are looking for, we are confident that we will have what you are looking for, thanks to our partnership with Stayfix. You can let your clients know that with Stayfix aluminium windows, they can expect their homes to stay warmer for longer and benefit from improved security.

We work with businesses and traders, as we know that fact turnarounds and prompt service are really important to you. Thanks to our approach, you will not need to do any cutting on-site. We also have an online quoting engine, which allows you to get an accurate price when you need it, almost immediately.

Efficient Trade Supply

We understand how important it is for our clients to offer their customers an efficient supply, so we have ensured that the service we offer is completely streamlined. Our turnaround times are noticeably shorter and you always get what you want, at the time you want. You can order your aluminium windows over the phone or online, as we want our Loughton clients’ lives to be as easy as possible.

The quality of our aluminium windows is exceptionally high as is our service level. We have systems in place that ensure that we can turn around your bespoke aluminium windows quickly and efficiently.

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Thermal Efficiency

When your clients install our aluminium windows in their Loughton homes, they can be confident that they are improving their property’s performance levels. One of the most important practical benefits that our Stayfix windows can offer them is energy efficiency. These aluminium windows offer u-values as low as 1.3W/m2k, meaning that once installed your customers can expect to see their energy bills reduce in size.

Our aluminium windows come with market-leading double glazing, we offer 28mm double glazing and a 32mm variant for added toughness. This means that thanks to the way our double glazing keeps the warm air inside and the cold air outside, homes will be kept warmer for longer, without the need to turn up the heating. With our double glazing, homes will be kept at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Stayfix aluminium windows have an incredibly long lifespan, with an expectancy of 30 years, thanks to the strength and robustness of their aluminium frames. Your customers will be pleased to know that once installed, their aluminium windows will last a lifetime and continue to perform brilliantly.

Completely Customisable

We understand that it is important for your customers to get the exact aluminium frames that they want, which is why offer our Stayfix windows to your exact specifications. Whatever your Loughton customers are looking for, we should be able to offer the aluminium windows that they want.

Your clients can choose between top and side hung openings, as well as choosing the colour of the frames from a wide range of RAL colours, as well as dual colour options in gloss, matte and satin. You can comfortably promise your customers the exact windows that they want.

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Due to the aesthetics that aluminium offers, your customers’ homes in Loughton will benefit from a sleek modern appearance. These frames will never be dulled by excessive rain. Due to the properties of aluminium, our windows will perform brilliantly for years to come, meaning that your customers will spread the word about how great they are. This will result in repeat orders.


We know that your clients want to keep their Loughton homes safe and secure and you can tell them that our aluminium windows can help achieve this goal. Stayfix windows are highly robust and durable and boast a range of security and safety features.

The aluminium frames are about as strong as you can get, combine that with toughened double lazing and you can see how we can say that our aluminium windows are highly secure. These windows also come with multi-point locking mechanisms a standard.

Our aluminium windows also are equipped with a bayonet-style external bead will help the window resist forced entry attempts. The hinges are also heavy-duty which adds yet another layer of security to these aluminium windows.

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If you want to bring aluminium windows to your business in Loughton, get in touch with Aluframes today. We have an online contact form which you can use to register your interest and reach out to our team.

Also, our online quoting engine contains our full range of aluminium windows and their prices. It’s free-to-use and available on any device, so you can keep your business moving even when you are.