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Aluminium Sliding Doors Borehamwood

We manufacture energy efficient and durable aluminium sliding doors for customers in Borehamwood and the surrounding areas. Our aluminium sliding doors can be installed in a wide variety of areas within a home thanks to their made to measure design. Any home can benefit from an energy efficient and secure entrance to a patio, garden, or conservatory.

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Aluminium Sliding Doors Borehamwood

Transform any Borehamwood property with our durable and sleek aluminium sliding doors. With a slim and streamlined design, and each one is built to order, our aluminium sliding doors can suit various homes and locations. In the colder months, the double glazing that comes standard is capable of keeping homeowners warm and dry. 

It traps heat between the panes, preventing heat from being wasted. Less wasted heat means that Borehamwood homeowners can rely less on their heating systems and could potentially save money on their energy bills. Consuming less energy can even help you lower your carbon footprint!

We use high quality materials to build our aluminium sliding doors to ensure that our products are safe, secure, and long lasting. Even after years of use, with minimal upkeep, your aluminium sliding doors can look and perform as well as new ones. Unlike timber alternatives, the aluminium profile can resist warping or splitting, and they’ll never need to be sanded or repainted.

At Aluframes Direct, we take safety seriously, which is why all our aluminium sliding doors come with market leading locking mechanisms that are designed to withstand sudden heavy blows. You can have peace of mind when you invest in our products.

Why Choose Aluframe Direct?

When you choose Aluframes Direct, you choose products made by experienced professionals that are built with performance, longevity, and security in mind. With decades in the industry, we have a reputable history of manufacturing energy efficient windows and doors that uphold modern standards. 

We believe in creating cost effective aluminium sliding doors that don’t compromise between performance and style so that you can design and install the perfect product for Borehamwood homes and the surrounding areas. Call us today to find out more at 0800 689 1289.

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Weatherproof Aluminium Sliding Doors

Our aluminium sliding doors are designed with weather resistant seals to keep out cold draughts and leaks. The aluminium profiles contain hidden thermally broken chambers to enhance the thermal performance of the aluminium sliding doors. These chambers help the aluminium retain heat, preventing it from being lost by passing through the doors to the outside.

Additionally, even in cold weather in the middle of winter, the aluminium sliding doors can prevent the cold from seeping in thanks to the thick double glazing. The twin panes can trap natural heat emitted by a home, making the home more efficient with the energy it produces. This could have the added advantage of potentially saving the homeowner money on their energy bills by not having to rely on central heating as often throughout the colder parts of the year.

The aluminium profiles won’t absorb moisture from the rain, so there’s no chance of swelling or warping that could damage our aluminium sliding doors’ smooth operation and security. Even after intense weather, all it takes to maintain these doors well is the occasional wipe down using a sponge or wet cloth.

Slim Sightline Aluminium Sliding Doors

Unlike timber doors, our aluminium sliding doors can be designed with incredibly slim profiles, offering larger panes of glass. These increased panes can flood Borehamwood homes with natural light, letting homeowners rely less on electric lights while enjoying beautiful outside views.

Additionally, while the frames and profiles are slimmer than uPVC or timber alternatives, they still provide excellent levels of durability because aluminium is a sturdy yet lightweight metal. Our aluminium sliding doors are made from lightweight materials, so their operation can be smoother than timber doors, as it won’t require as much force to open or shut them. 

Furthermore, because the frames can be made as slim as 3300mm in width, these aluminium sliding doors can fit a wide variety of locations across almost any size of property. No matter where you live in Borehamwood, you could gain a beautiful entrance to your garden, patio, conservatory, or dining room with our aluminium sliding doors. They can even be designed with a low threshold, providing easy access for wheelchair and pushchair users.

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Enhance the look and security of your Borehamwood home or conservatory with our aluminium sliding doors. They are all made to measure and come with incredibly durable profiles that can last for decades!

Use our online pricing tool to get a quote in minutes. Fill in our online contact form, or give us a call at 0800 689 1289, and a member of our friendly team will help answer any questions you may have.